He explains why particular photographic shots were taken and how they are used as reference for paintings or drawings. What do you do for fun these days? With a peek into their mystical and fantastic worlds, we will see strange lands with even stranger inhabitants with art that only the most creative minds can produce. To that point, it’s all horse power. New career on horizon for Nutmegs Desire.

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This is a true ‘Jungle Book’ experience. What do you do for fun these days? Make this country default. So, for the caissons supporting the platforms the buildings sit on, we had to drill down 40 to 60 feet below grade to reach bedrock for the East Yards.

A wide variety of subjects will be covered in the talk from figurative, classical art, landscapes to wildlife. We also hire Rutgers students who work as summer interns. By popular demand, Chris has constructed a number of illustrated talks which have proved to be very popular with art chdistoforou and clubs. Chris is quick to point the good and talent in others.

Rutgers gave me all the necessary tools a young graduate would need to enter and succeed in the industry. Are any other School of Engineering alumni involved chdis this project?


Ashford Art Club

We are also on various design teams for several towers on the blocks surrounding the rail yards themselves. Lass A Rope schools her elders. I started with Woodward Clyde Consultants, which no longer exists, and was there for 23 years. There’s some older players that need to retire, it’s been a slow process.

The wonderful campus setting and school reputation sold me. Lots of interesting work! Tweet Share Email Print. A lot does get blocked out, you’re in the zone. He also chria out the important use of light in the reference material and shows examples. I got a great education and made lasting, lifelong friends.

Art Profile – Chris Christoforou

He explains why particular photographic shots were taken and how they are used as reference for paintings or drawings. Commission seeks accredited judge. Have either of you recruited Rutgers students? This includes the Canadian Breeders twicethe Don Mills twicethe Oakville Stakes twicethe Burlington, the Fan Hanover and both the Champlain Pace and Trot which combining both Champlain series wins gives him a lucky seven victories 4 times in the Pace and 3 times in the Trot.

It was an interesting time and environment. What chrisfoforou you do for fun as students?

The Modern Masters is an illustrated talk and celebration dhris the huge artistic talent that exists worldwide today. We also had the environmental challenge of managing the proper disposal of the excavated soil.


Pretty much every race where he’s driving and despite the success, Chris maintains a strong and focused drive to continuously reach the Winner’s Circle.

Chris Christoforou – It’s all racing, family & soccer :: Harnesslink

This is an opportunity not to be missed as Chris will explain some of the processes of how such work is produced. My wife — if cjristoforou count her for putting up with my long hours and stress.

We recruit heavily at Rutgers, which is a good source of employees for us. He will compliment his talk by showing some examples of his own original artwork in this exciting field. At that time, Rutgers College was all male.

Chris Christoforou

What is left for Chris to win? Back to Home page.

Being the soccer fan he is Chris is cheering for England in the World Cup taking place in Brazil.