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Foxconn N15235 Usb Driver

Rules Try to research uxb issue before posting, don’t be vague. The following posts are not allowed: Can grab driver directly from them. I can only find drivers for windows xp and below on their website. Employees of companies with social media presences for marketing or damage control are not allowed.

I’m also a bit of a noob at these things, I don’t understand where to find the names of things in my PC, I’ve opened it up but I don’t understand whats significant and what isnt. I’ve been uusb a USB to try get some drivers on there, but they just end up being useless programmes.


Problem is without the ethernet driver I can’t bloody connect to the internet. Want to pay it forward?


Well, this motherboard is also known as G31MXP. After solving your problem, please mark it as solved by clicking ‘flair’ and confirming the ‘solved’ tag. Log in or sign up in seconds. Please Support the EFF! We are not a ub site. So my Pc corrupted and I had to fresh install windows on it, but now its missing 3 drivers and one of them is for the N1235 controller! This includes asking for us to link to your subreddit, forum, bulletin board, newsgroup, Facebook page, whatever.

Old PC with a Foxconn n motherboard needs drivers! Help!! : techsupport

Consider donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation! Try to research your issue before posting, don’t be vague. Check out our Knowledge Baseall guides n1235 compiled by our Trusted Techs.

Keep all communication public, on the subreddit. As always, use your own discretion with all advice here.

Do everything you can to reduce the effort of the wonderful folks offering to help you. They give you stickers! So you go to foxconnsupport. Products, services, surveys, websites – we’re here to help with technical issues, not market for others.


Welcome to Nn15235, the front page of the internet. No [Meta] posts about jobs on tech support, only about the subreddit itself. Usg subreddit is only for support with tech issues. Thanks for the reply though! No soliciting of any kind.

Blog spam, link spam, referral spam, joke posts and responses, memes, novelty accounts, trolling, unethical behavior, and personal insults will not be tolerated. Don’t ask us to compare or recommend products. I’ve tried searching everywhere n155235 the windows 7 drivers but all I seem to find are some dodgey programs saying they will install it for me.

If someone has the drivers and can teach me how to install them I’d be very appreciative! Open Old PC with a Foxconn n motherboard needs drivers! Do not compare or recommend products.